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8x10 BW
ID: SamDelBW1

1949 Russ as young King Saul with Olive Deering in Cecil B. deMille’s epic “Samson and Delilah”

8x10 BW
ID: SevenBridesBW1

1954 Russ as youngest Brother Gideon with Jane Powell as Millie in “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”

8x10 BW
ID: HitDeckBW1

1955 Russ as Danny Smith with favorite partner, Debbie Reynolds, in MGM’s “Hit the Deck”

8x10 BW
ID: PeytonBW1

1957 Russ as NormanPage in Academy Award nominated performance with Diane Varsi in “Peyton Place”

8x10 BW
ID: TomThumbBW1

1958 Cute Russ in title role of “tom thumb” Studio Portrait from MGM

8x10 BW
ID: ConfidentialBW1

1958 Russ starring as undercover narc, Tony Baker, in “High School Confidential"

8x10 BW
ID: WestSideBW1

1961 Russ plays Riff, the leader of the Jets, in Classic Musical “West Side Story"

8x10 BW
ID: BrothersGrimmBW1

1962 Charming Russ, the Woodsman, in “The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm"

8x10 BW
ID: LongShipsBW1

1963 Russ as the handsome Orm in the epic “The Long Ships"



8x10 BW
ID: ContempBW1

Contemporary photo

8x10 BW
ID: FatherBrideBW1

1951 Russ and big sister Elizabeth Taylor in “Father of the Bride"

8x10 Color
ID: TwinPeaksC1

1990 Russ as the mysterious Dr. Jacoby in David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks



8x10 BW
ID: SevenBridesBW2

Photo from the 1954 feature film "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"

8x10 BW
ID: SevenBridesBW3

Photo from the 1954 feature film "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"





Tom Thumb Russ Tamblyn
8x10 Color
ID: TomThumbC1


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